• 2024 Platinum winner for Homeopathy in Bridgeport, CT

    Discover award-winning homeopathic remedies from Luna Cauldron, voted top in the 2024 Bridgeport Community wellness category. Visit Luna's Cauldron at 1 Bostwick, Ave, Bridgeport, CT

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  • 2024 Platinum winner for Holistic wellness and CBD products in Bridgeport, CT

    Bridgeport, CT's choice for holistic wellness and CBD products - we're proud to be voted as the 2024 platinum winner by our community.

  • 2024 Platinum winner for Naturopaths in Bridgeport, CT

    Be confident with your healthcare choices - we're voted Platinum by Bridgeport Community Votes as leading naturopaths.

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Visit us in Person at Luna's Cauldron, 1 Bostwick Ave, Bridgeport, CT ~ next to the lighthouse

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